About Waroeng Diggers


Waroeng Diggers is a Restaurant , and Cafe’  which has Amazing Triple Views of Mountain, Sea and City, and it is located in  the area of Pahoman, a center of Bandar Lampung City, in Indonesia.  Waroeng Diggers Restaurant is selling varieties foods , and beverages which are adopted from Local, National and International menus. Live Music  which is scheduled  from management team and guest request activities, is one of  favorite facilities to get more convenience to all guests coming in Waroeng Diggers. Now, to add them some special guest requests , Waroeng Diggers finaly is expanding Guest house business in a few meters area from the restaurant where the location will make our guests to feel Relax in relief, Simplicity, and  find Comfortable during staying inside the house.

If You want to reach us You can come to our location @ Jalan Way Sungkay, Komplek Besi Baja, Pahoman, Bandar Lampung, Province of Lampung, Indonesia

Phone: +62(721)472-164

Booking Order:(Diggers Team)+62 821-8524-2171

Website: www.waroengdiggers.com

Email:  customercare@waroengdiggers.com

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