Waroeng Diggers is a Restaurant and Cafe’ which is having amazing triple views of Mountain, Sea and cities of Bandar lampung, and it is located in Pahoman area, a center of Bandar Lampung City, Indonesia. Waroeng Diggers founders Ny. Erry Desmi Warganegara and her Children, Dina Arfianti Warganegara Amd, Doni Sagitarian Warganegara,S.E. M.B.A, Debbie  Scorpina Warganegara Amd, Doris Sagita Warganegara S.E and Dodi Taurusa Warganegara, S.H. in April 11 1998.   Erry husband name is Ir. H.Desmi Warganegara who passed away in 1996, leaving his 7 children including Denie Picesta Warganegara (Alm), and Dr. Dezie Leonarda Warganegara,S.E.,M.B.A.

Now, Waroeng Diggers is running by the executive families, Mrs.Dina Arfianti Warganegara and Her Husband, Mr.Rahmad Basuki. Waroeng Diggers is selling varieties foods  and drinks which are adopted from Local, National and International menus. You can also enjoy and relax on the simplicity and comfortable Guest House in a few meters from the restaurant.

If You want to reach us You can come to our store location: Jalan Way Sungkay Pahoman Bandar Lampung,35213 Province of Lampung Indonesia.

Phone: +62(721)472-164

Booking Order:(Diggers Team)+62 821-8524-2171

Website: www.waroengdiggers.com

Email:  customercare@waroengdiggers