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Waroeng Diggers a Restaurant and Cafe ‘ which is famous name “Puncak  Lampung”, or “Hollywood Lampung”. Waroeng diggers has three amazing views, mountains, sea and the City of Teluk Betung. This Restaurant is located at Komplek Besi Baja Pahoman, a center city of Bandar Lampung, Province of Lampung, Indonesia. Now, Waroeng Diggers is expanding the Guest House Business which is located  in a few meters from the restaurant.


Steak Ala Lampung


Our kitchen comes from materials or demonstration of technical ability of people in Bandar Lampung. This is the narrative landscape of Indonesia and our passionate. Our foods and drinks come from a variety of ideas, techniques, and cultures.


The juice of the diggers and shakes

What Drinks We Make

We love natural beverages that’s why, what we make only fresh ingredients go into our drinks.


Guest House

Waroeng Diggers Guest House

| Simplicity | Comfortable | Relax |

Using concepts “Simplicity, Comfortable, and Relax”, Our Customers will enjoy to stay in this location. The guest house’s location is in cluster area, few meters from Waroeng Diggers Restaurant, and it is nearby with other restaurants, stores, and properties.

Sticker Diggers Guest House

Our Map

Jl.Way Sungkay, Komplek Besi Baja, Pahoman Bandar Lampung, 35213, Lampung, Indonesia

Tel: +62 (721) 472-164

Booking Order: (Diggers Team): +62-821-8524-2171

Email: customercare@waroengdiggers.com

Open : All day

Monday-Friday: 11:00-23:00 WIB

Saturday: 11:00 -24:00 p.m. WIB

The Sun: 11:00-23:00 WIB


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